streda 16. januára 2013

Silicon valleys for Slovakia? - The Slovak Spectator

Is it finally going to be the "land of opportunity" till 2020 -as we mentioned in a previous article- or is it coming even sooner than that ...
According to the following article " Silicon valleys for Slovakia? - The Slovak Spectator ", progress is being already done and the surprise can be very satisfying for the citizens and enterpreneurs of Slovakia. 

All these logos that play a crucial role in our lives the last 5 - 25 years have been at some point start up businesses in the small offices of buildings situated in Silicon Valley. Universities, Scientists and Think Tanks, Angel Investors and "Shark" Tanks... and  Technological Science parks, Inventors & Innovators, Networking and Marketing Geniuses are brought up all together to form a society of World "fuel" creation. What makes the world spin? Well, in a great extent Silicon Valley plays a significant role in this productive aspect of human "gathering and mixing". Personalities, which can be from anywhere in the world and whose targeting is focused on one bipolar scheme, i.e. R&D -Research & Development, are driven to this place and if successful, they will manage to control (in both positive and negative sense) your life on the other side of the planet in just a couple of years.
Have you seen similar pictures... showing Slovakian Business Networks and fresh European StartUps ? Imagine two science parks in Bratislava and Trnava...

Check ElectroSites Blog
 Except from the gathering of foreign companies in several districts of one "Nation in Transition" that 'moves forward' since 1993 (see previous blog), the creation of a University Science Park has unlimited effects for anyone or any entity involved.

The basic attribute - or actually one of ... - that Slovakia has, but again combined together with other parameters, is its geographical positioning, and the evolution is "predicted as positive" as far as the Think Tanks and the political systems will have a timeline of successful decisions.   
' History created a geographical bonus for Slovakia '. Check SARIO website
Let us see a series of videos that will also provide a better insight on the issues that we handled and which we will keep focusing on, through further articles in the months to come.
We suggest the following:

and also :

and last but not least :

 To be continued given the opportunity ... :)
( This article was initiated by the Slovak Spectator article "Silicon Valleys for Slovakia? by Roman Cuprik" )

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